"We worked with Krespi Interiors in our latest boutique hotel project. The founder's exquisite taste has turned our rooms into colourful, joyful home-like spaces. I can assure you, Krespi Interiors delivers high quality work. How do I know? We received compliments about our curtains. Curtains! And our towels and bathrobes have already been stolen! I may also have taken a bathrobe to my house. Shh! We received the most positive comments on our towels, too. From our rooms to our SPA to the Pool Area Krespi Interiors has not failed Cape Krio Hotel.

Simin Isleyici

Founder-Owner of CapeKrio Hotel



Taking on the refurbishment of 2 presidential suites, we updated the design concept of these 1500 square metre spaces which host foreign ministers and prime ministers; gaining inspiration from the space in the room, we designed, manufactured and assembled the bedding, furnishings, soft furnishings, towelling, robes and motorised blackout window treatments



On this project we were asked to take the bare rooms and turn them into a hotel inspired by Ibiza; we developed the concept from scratch and decided to develop bedding with colour. This required a lengthy period of research and development, during which we collated all the blue sewing thread across Turkey to choose the best ones that would be able to withstand the high temperatures of hotel laundry systems; we then used this thread, as oppose to thread used for weaving, to produce bedding with colour. On this project we also developed, designed, and produced the bedcovers, mosquito nets, bathroom textiles, furnishing and soft furnishing of the 102 rooms



During this project we were asked to work on creating a scheme in line with the architects’ house style for Divan hotels in their 4 suite rooms, and we manufactured and assembled bedding, throws, soft furnishings and fabrics for the furniture; we also manufactured the throws for all of the 370 other rooms